blair lab at georgetown

Anton-Paar MCR-301 Rheometer

Leica SP5 confocal microscope

Please contact Daniel Blair for access and training on the Rheometer facility The scheduling tool for the microscope is a free Google calendar provided below. For access, please contact Daniel Blair.

Other equipment we have available:

Mid-Atlantic Soft Matter Workshop (MASM)

Lab Business

Links to groups and collaborators

@ Georgetown

The Dynamics Imaging lab
Jeff Toretsky's Lab

@ Other Places

Weitz Soft Matter Group @ Harvard
Dufresne Soft Matter Group @ Yale Engineering
Cohen Soft Matter Group @ Cornell Physics
Gardel Biophysics Group @ U. Chicago Physics
Weeks Soft Matter Group @ Emory University Physics
Jaeger Group @ U. Chicago Physics
NYU Soft-Matter collective
Chinedum Osuji Group @ Yale Engineering
Zvonimir Dogic Group @ Brandeis Physics

Code for doing things

The Matlab particle tracking code repository
Particle Tracking with IDL