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Prof. Daniel Blair
Regents 428

Not only does Dan love Soft Matter Physics, but he also enjoys working on cars and wearing shirts with words made out of the periodic table.
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Dr. Vikram Rathee
Post Doc
Vikram enjoys shear thickening of colloidal suspensions and thickening the competition on the field hockey pitch.
Dr. Claudia Dessi
Post Doc
Claudia is involved in studying mechanical dynamics of active matter systems. She also salsa dances to keep her mood activated.
Dr. David Gagnon
Post Doc
David studies low Reynolds number swimmers and active suspensions in non-Newtonian fluids. When venturing into solid mechanics, he makes live-edge tables and is an avid golfer.
Dr. Joia Miller
Post Doc
Joia studies the shear thickening of colloidal suspensions at different length-scales. Outside the lab she enjoys running, climbing, and exploring the parameter space of coffee recipes.
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Kara F. Googins
Graduate Student
Kara studies the mechanical properties of Type-I collagen and the effects of chemical cross-linking. When not using the confocal rheometer, Kara competes with her horse Pascal in the DMV area..

Lab Alumni:

Post Docs
John Royer 2014-2016: Frictional Signatures in Shear Thickening of Dense Colloidal Suspensions
Sudeep Dutta 2008-2012: Spatial Inhomogeneities in Compressed Emulsions Under Shear
Elizabeth Knowlton 2008-2011: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of Thermo-Responsive Colloidal Systems Under Packing Conditions

Graduate Students
Justin Stimatze Rotation 2008
Richard Arevalo PhD 2013: Shedding Light on the Nonlinear Stiffening Effect of Sheared Type-I Collagen Networks
Armstrong Mbi PhD 2014: Shear-induced Microscopic and Macroscopic Behavior of a Hard Sphere Glassy Binary Colloidal Silica Suspension Using Confocal Rheology
Pramukta Kumar PhD 2014: Shear Induced Aggregation Dynamics in an SU-8 Microrod Suspension *Shared Student
Axel Stürmer Visitor 2015: Technische Universität München
Marguerite Brown MS 2015
Pasha Tabatabai PhD 2017: I Celebrate My Silk, and Shear My Silk: Assembly and Rheology of Reconstituted Silk Protein

Leah Nestico Summer 2008
Michael Lavelle Senior Thesis 2009
Silvan Hoover Senior Thesis 2010
William Starshak Senior Thesis 2011
Andrew Zipperer Summer 2011
Kayla Spector REU 2011
Drew McVicker REU 2011
Matt Joseloff Senior Thesis 2012
Jake Cohen REU 2013
Franklin Feingold REU 2013
Jana Dodson Senior Thesis 2014
Dio Koroulakis Senior Thesis 2014
Elizabeth Nance REU 2014
George Burton Researcher 2013-2014
Matthew Ishimaru REU 2017
Will Thacher Researcher Spring 2018

Marion David ENSTA/Paristech Summer 2008
Clare Singer Summer 2013
Jasper Barnett Summer 2016

Now Hiring:
Please contact Prof. Blair if you are interested in joining the group. Graduate and undergraduates are encouraged to stop by and see what the research is about.

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