blair lab at georgetown

Current Projects
nipa_part Shear Thickening
coll_anim Stress Propagation in Sheared Extracellular Gels
Reconstituted Silk Fibroin Gels
for Claudia Confocal-Rheology of Active Microtubule Networks

Past Projects
mayop Microscopic Force Rearrangements in Sheared Emulsions
Stress Distributions in Sheared Colloidal Hard Spheres
spldin Microtubules Under Confinement
nipa_part Traversing the Glass Transition with P-NIPAM Microgels

Current Support
John F. Templeton Foundation -- #57392 Emergence of Cytoplastic Dynamics Using Active Matter: A Biokleptic Approach to Quantifying the Matter of Life

AFOSR/Chemistry and Life Sciences -- Natural Helical Filaments for High Performance and Responsive Materials
prf logo Dept. of Commerce/NIST -- Developement of flow-SANS/GINS Environments for High Shear Rate Processing of Complex Fluids

Past Support
NSF logo Deformations in Biopolymer Networks
DMR: 0804782

CAREER: Using Three-Dimensional Confocal Rheology to Measure Shear Induced Microstructural Deformations in Colloidal Glasses.
DMR: 0847490

MRI: Acquisition of Light Scattering Instruments for Nanoparticle Characterization
DMR: 0923316
prf logo Investigating the Micro-Mechanical Properties of Hydrogel Glasses Using Confocal-Rheology